I love Provo.

I want to make sure we do all we can to maintain our high quality of living - Provo is the best place to live, work, and play. 

Smart Growth

Provo continues to grow. People born and raised here, want to move back. We need to strike the right balance between preparing for growth and preserving our heritage; especially on Provo’s west side. First and foremost, before we build, we must have sufficient infrastructure in place. In addition, our neighborhoods must have well crafted and carefully planned neighborhood master plans...and we need to stick to those plans! We don’t want Provo’s west side to look like Vineyard. 

Sensible Spending, More Business Friendly

I’m a fiscal conservative. Like your family, we manage a budget at home, live within our means, and plan for the future. We have to make tough decisions between wants and needs. That’s what government needs to do. We should re-focus on our needs such as infrastructure, and spend less on “wants.” 

Provo must also become more business friendly so that we generate more sales tax revenue. I have extensive business experience, and understand what businesses need to succeed. We need to make it easier for businesses to come to Provo, and to stay in Provo! Provo has only offered 4 performance-based tax incentives in the previous 25 years to lure businesses. We can do better. Increasing taxes on individuals should be our last resort.

Strengthen Our Neighborhoods

We need to strengthen our neighborhoods. When neighborhoods are strong, our schools thrive, businesses grow, and we become closer as a community. I will work hard to ensure our neighborhoods are clean and safe places to live. I want all of our westside neighborhoods to have access to parks, trails, and yes, even a grocery store!